Aburi Botanical Gardens

These gardens are a favourite picnic outing for those in need of an escape from the city. The British created the gardens in the 1890s with seedlings from across the British Empire and the assortment of specimens is accordingly impressive. This is an excellent spot for birding and watching butterflies. A restaurant and cafeteria are available on the grounds. Be sure to stop and take a look at the many stalls of woodcarvers on the main road just south of the gardens. There is also an excellent mountain bike rental business, just outside the gates to the park. From here you can take the trails around the surrounding area. (See main bike hire listing in Sports and Leisure section.)

  • Location:
    In the foothills of the Akwapim, some 30km from Accra.
  • Telephone:
    (034) 282 2022, (034) 282 2037
  • Opening Hours:
  • Email:
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