Books by Osu Childrens Library

The Osu Childrens Library produce a number of colourful picture and learning books that use bright Ghanaian images, featuring Ghanaian children and surroundings. Often used for gifts to take home as they show the culture and surroundings well.

Profits from the sale of this book will support the Osu Children's Library Fund, "an organization that promotes the joy of reading for all in Africa."

  • Location:
    In Ghana, the books are available at the Osu Community Library (formerly Kathy Knowles Library) in Osu, Accra (contact Joanna Felih at 024 683 8171 or 027 745 2380 for directions). Also found at EPP Bookstore (Legon), Global Mamas and other major bookstores. In Canada, books can be purchased from the OCLF website’s order form. Also McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg
  • Telephone:
    024 683 8171; 027 745 2380
  • Opening Hours:
  • Email:
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