Attending one of the many year-round traditional festivals is a most colourful and entertaining way to spend time in Ghana. They can be classified into several categories signifying the planting season, abundant harvests, commemorating historical events or the coming of age of adolescent girls. Each festival is climaxed by a durbar – a gathering of the chiefs and people of the region, celebrated with dancing and drumming and other festivities.

One of the biggest is the Hobetsotso festival, which takes place in November in Anloga in the Volta Region, and commemorates the Anloes, sojourn from their ancestral home of Notsie in Togo to Anloga in modern day Ghana.

The Homowo Ga festival is celebrated in August in thanks for the abundant harvest. Other festivals to look for: Damba, the festival of the Dogombas of Northern Ghana in or about Tamale, August/September; Aboakyer, the deer hunting festival held in May in Winneba, Ghana Tourist Board has a complete list of festivals and dates, or look for announcements in the newspapers.

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