Etiquette - Protocols

• Smile at people you meet.

• Always greet with a verbal "good morning" or "good afternoon" or whatever is appropriate for the time of day.

• Extend your RIGHT hand for a handshake (except when in the presence of a chief; see reference to greeting chiefs).

• Keep the LEFT hand away from greetings, eating or receiving anything from someone else. (The left hand is considered to be the toilet hand.) Those who are left-handed should try especially hard to get used to this tradition. Times and attitudes toward use of the left hand for writing are changing. Practice using the RIGHT hand until you find out how traditional the people you meet are.

• When entering a group, shake hands with the people present beginning with the person on the right, moving toward the left.

• It is acceptable to interrupt and greet a group.

• Always invite a guest to eat with you when you are eating. Eating together is socially significant and not a mere question of hunger or nutrition. It is insulting to have someone wait in the living room while you eat. It is polite to say “you are invited” to anyone present in the room you when you are about to start your meal. Most people don’t really expect you to join them when they say that.

• It is considered polite to invite close friends, acquaintances and work colleagues to certain functions; it hardly matters if the person is well known. Offense is taken if someone should have been invited and was omitted.

• Never sniff any food or beverage offered you.

• Younger ones must always relinquish their seats for older ones when seats are not available.

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