What to Wear

Ghanaians place much value on dressing and consider it disrespectful to dress inappropriately at various functions. Ghanaians will appreciate it when visiting women wear dresses or loose-fitting pants instead of shorts to their affairs.

Ghanaian women dress well in their beautiful up-and-downs. Some tips on what to wear at special occasions: pale colors are usually worn at weddings or naming ceremonies; don white and black at a funeral for a deceased who has lived for a very long time: black, red and black, brown or adinkra cloths are worn at other funerals (varies with each ethnic group).

Friday has been designated (by the Government) as Traditional Dress Fridays, initially to promote local fabric and styles. It has caught on with many businesses and individuals. Men and women equally. Try it and your appreciation of the local fabric will be appreciated even if you have a more "western" style.

Last modified on Monday, 13 May 2013 12:44