Nonverbal Communication and Gestures

• Close fingers repeatedly with palms toward the ground: request to come.

• Flicking fingers away from oneself: request to go away.

• Removing feet from sandals or removal of native cloth from shoulders (men): sign of reverence and respect.

• Both hands placed on the head: sign of grief, sorrow and mourning.

• Shaking index finger at someone: warning/admonition.

• Scratching palm of left hand with fingers of right hand: sign of money

• Cupping hands on top of each other: I beg you or please

• Biting one's index finger: intense feeling of pain/regret/forgetfulness

• Stamp foot on ground: sign of annoyance.

• Tapping stomach with right hand then raising one's hand: sign of satisfaction.

• Tapping pocket; money in pocket.

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