Malaria is a real health concern in Ghana. Before coming to Ghana, check with your doctor and/or tropical disease clinic about malaria prophylactics. Malaria prophylactics are readily available at pharmacies in Accra.

There are at least four known types of malaria and at least one –plasmodium falciparum (which can develop into cerebral malaria)- is fatal if not treated.

Malaria parasites in Ghana are chloroquine resistant. Check with your doctor for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

While you are in Ghana be sure to use mosquito repellent after dusk, put screens on your windows and use mosquito netting, especially on children's beds. The malarial mosquitos can be small and you will probably not hear them buzzing around like the ones you are used to in North America.

Take symptoms of malaria very seriously (high fever, headache, and flu-like symptoms such as body aches, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea) and keep in mind that you may not experience all symptoms at the same time. Check with a doctor when unexplained symptoms arise.