Health Tips - Domestic Help

A medical exam prior to starting employment is wise. This should include a general physical for contagious diseases, chest x-ray to screen for tuberculosis, and three stool tests to screen for parasites. Yearly repeat exams are advised.

Domestic employees should be carefully instructed in proper food preparation, handling, and dishwashing. It may be wise to repeat instructions frequently to make sure they are understood and correctly carried out. Never assume that your staff know cleaning steps you take for granted.

Provide soap and clean towels for frequent and thorough hand washing in the kitchen. It is especially important to have household staff immunized for meningitis, measles, polio, and tetanus. They should also have a chest x-ray read by a radiologist to be sure they don't have an active case of tuberculosis. Purchasing a National Health Insurance policy for staff will allow them to visit some clinics at little to no cost for common ailments including malaria and typhoid.

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