There are many commercial banks located in Accra and throughout the major cities, which cater to businesses and the general public. While most larger banks have international banking facilities and correspondent relations with foreign banks, their individual services may vary. As individual banking requirements also vary, it is suggested that you do some comparisons in order to make a selection as to which bank best meets your needs. Below listed is the head office information of several banks; we suggest that you contact these offices directly for additional information regarding branches, services offered, availability of automatic teller machines, etc. While this information may be included on the bank's website, understand that information may not be up-to-date.

Banking & Financial Services

Most banks offer current (chequing) and savings accounts, letters of credit, loans, and other services too numerous to mention. When deciding on which bank to select, you may want to consider the additional services that are offered, such as Fund/Wire Transfer, Inward Transfers, Traveler's Cheques, etc. Many banks now offer (fee-based) premier or prestige banking, which may provide additional services and a higher standard of customer service.

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