Credit Cards, Cash Advances, and Debit Cards

Credit cards are of little use on a daily basis and aren't even recommended for settling hotel bills, generally because of wide-spread credit card fraud. For making travel arrangements with reputable airlines/agents within Ghana they are usually fine; nonetheless, it's important to follow up with your credit card issuer and report any unauthorized transactions.

Most major banks offer credit card advances, though not every bank branch will have the ability to handle this transaction, so it is important to contact the head office and inquire as to the branch you should visit.

Bank ATMs are becoming more commonplace, and it may be possible to obtain a cash advance using your US or UK-based credit card (Visa only, in general, not Mastercard). It should be noted that withdrawal amounts are limited by the bank, and may be far less than you might expect.

Some credit card issuers may decline transactions that originate in Ghana, so before you attempt to use your card for the first time, it would be a good idea to contact the issuing bank for advice or to obtain a Personal Identification Number.