Automated Teller Machines

Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Ecobank, SG-SSB Ltd., Stanbic Bank, Zenith Bank and Ghana Commercial Bank have automated teller machines (ATMs) in busy areas within Accra and Tema. There are a number of ATMs near the food court of the Accra Mall. A bank's websites may also indicate the locations of ATMs. Because ATMs disbursements are in local currency, you usually need to have a cedi account with the relevant bank, as ATM cards are only interchangeable between some banks.

Bank ATMs are becoming more commonplace, and it may be possible to obtain a cash advance using your US or UK-based credit card (Visa only, in general, not Mastercard). It should be noted that withdrawal amounts are limited by the bank, and may be far less than you might expect. Maximum withdrawal per transaction is usually 400 GHS (max), and can be less depending on the atm.

Check with your bank before you leave, if you plan to use your credit/debit card to withdraw cash here. The bigger international banks like Barclays or Standard Chartered may allow use of overseas cards at their atms.

Some credit card issuers may decline transactions that originate in Ghana, so before you attempt to use your card for the first time, it would be a good idea to contact the issuing bank for advice or to obtain a Personal Identification Number.

Just like credit cards, it is not advisable to use eftpos facilities in shops or hotels due to risk of fraud.