Forex Bureaus

There are numerous foreign exchange bureaus located throughout Accra, and most of the major hotels have forex bureaus or will exchange foreign currency at the front desk. Exchange rates fluctuate daily and may vary from one forex bureau to another. Often those at the larger hotels do not offer the best rates when buying Cedis, but they generally have better rates when selling Cedis.

It's important to remember that the money changers pay a lower rate for bills of small denominations. Also, many forex bureaus not located in Accra are unfamiliar with the "old" U.S. currency, so if you try to exchange an old bill, they may not accept it. One should consult the individual forex bureau about its policy regarding traveler's checks.

It is advisable to count your funds before leaving the window of the forex bureau and to request a receipt. Never exchange currency with an unauthorized "dealer," even if the exchange rate is favourable, as counterfeit currency is not uncommon. Outside of Accra, forex bureaus may be located in the major cities or Regional capitals, and some larger hotels may assist. However, if traveling far outside of Accra, it would be wise to exchange your money before you leave the region.