Tips on Pets - Before You Arrive in Ghana

If you bring your pet into Ghana, you will need to provide a certificate of health from a veterinarian, with up-to-date vaccination records, including distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, kennel cough, and rabies (depending on whether you have a dog or a cat). Rabies exists in Ghana, and all dogs and cats must be vaccinated at least four months prior to arrival. They must be free of any infectious diseases at least six months prior to departure.


It is advisable to contact the Department of Veterinary Services at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (+233 0) (30) 277 5777 before you arrive to obtain a permit allowing you to bring your dog to Ghana. The following tests are required before the permit is issued:


Disease Test Required

1. Brucella canis Serum agglutination/ Giemsa Smear

2.Trypanosoma evansi Card Agglutination test and/ Giemsa smear

3 Babesia Gibsoni Giemsa smear

4.Dirofilaria immitis Microfilaria filtration test

5.Leishmania spps. Indirect fluorescent antibody test or ELISA or Direct agglutination test


If you do not obtain a permit, you will be asked to pay a penalty of GH250.00 or the animal will be confiscated or the airline will be asked to send the animal back.


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