Security at Home

Many of you will be provided with housing by your employer. It is important to check with your employer if there is a security officer and organize a meeting for a house inspection and security briefing for the whole family.

If a house is not provided and you are responsible for finding your own home, check with your employer to help you find a good estate agent. They will be able to provide you with details related to neighbourhood access to schools and shops. Once the house of your dreams is found, it would be advisable to contact a security company to discuss security measures and do a house inspection. Do not hesitate to talk to the landlord about security measures that you would like to see installed. Below is a standard list of security measures that can be checked when visiting a house:

• Perimeter wall and fencing. Look for spikes, barbed wire, glass shards, etc.

• Secured gate, good dead bolt lock.

• Solid doors and good locks.

• Grills over windows and doors.

• If there is a pool, is it safe for children and visitors.

Remember that guard dogs are often the best security.