Tips on Shopping - Availability of Items

Upon arriving in Ghana, you will be happy to learn that many excellent products, both locally produced and imported, are available on the market.

Let's just take the example of food. It's relatively easy to find excellent French baguettes and croissants or the best quality Italian olive oil, and even items that might once have been difficult to obtain – capers, Brazil nuts, specialty teas, fresh herbs, spices and ground coffee from all over the world. These can now be found here at any of the several markets and shopping centers.

You will also discover that many local products are of a very good quality, including milk and milk products such as yogurt or ice cream, fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and poultry, and excellent fresh fish and seafood.


In terms of general product availability, a rule to live by in Ghana is if you see something you think you may need some day, buy it, now, because tomorrow it may be gone (or at the very least be more expensive!). "It's finished" is a phrase you will no doubt hear time and time again.


Last modified on Monday, 08 August 2011 22:12