SyTris Bookshop

Children’s books including DK, Ladybird and Classic Childrens books like Enid Blyton & Roald Dahl. Also academic and business books.  Will order. Specialises in sourcing books from all over the world.

  • Location:
    4 Locations: GIMPA Campus (in front of Mamphey Conference hall), Oxford Street in Osu (Mark Cofie House opposite Nourish Labs Smoothy's), Radford University College Campus (near American House), East Airport International School, Spintex Rd, turn right after Melcom.
  • Telephone:
    027 730 0800, 030 250 1931
  • Opening Hours:
    Osu: M - Th, Sa: 9am-9pm, F: 9am-12pm Other branches close by 4pm and not open weekends.
  • Email:
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