Cars can be purchased from local vendors or expatriates leaving Ghana. If buying from someone leaving the country, be very careful that all the paperwork is in order and processed before the seller leaves the country or you may find yourself stuck with no legal title. If you buy from embassy staff, you will have to pay import duty on top of the price, since embassy staff has tax exempt status. You can also buy cars (like most other things) by the side of the road at used car lots. Use caution, and bring along a good mechanic to check the car out. (See Car Dealers in Shopping Section for new car purchases.) Department of Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is located on the road beside Max Mart. Take proof of insurance. First the car gets inspected which mostly means having the headlights turned on. Then you pay the registration (or renewal). Thirdly you walk across the parking lot to hand in your paperwork and are eventually given the sticker that needs to be applied to the windshield.

Driver's License

You can drive for up to twelve months on a foreign or international driver's license. If you are a resident, eventually you must apply for a Ghanaian license. Submit your license from your country of origin with four passport photos to the Vehicle Licensing and Registration Office, off of Liberation Ave; turn at Police Church across from the Golden Tulip Hotel. There will be a fee and the license is valid for five years but must be renewed yearly.



All cars require insurance. Insurance companies provide all types of automobile insurance ranging from comprehensive to third party liability. Car insurance can be purchased directly from the insurance company or through a broker. A list of reputable insurance companies and brokers can be found at the end of this section.



Buy a form from the Vehicle Licensing and Registration Office (address above). Fill in the vehicle details including ownership. An officer tests the vehicle for roadworthiness, and approval will be given for a registration number. You pay for the roadworthiness test. Vehicle registration must be renewed annually.


Selling your car

When it comes time to sell your car, there is a new round of steps. If you bought your car without duty paid (diplomatic or through a project), you can sell to anyone, and the buyer must bring all the paperwork, inclusive of the original customs declaration, to the CEPS office and pay the duty. The buyer pays the duty that is indicted on the original customs declaration form. It may help the seller to finalize the sale by helping with the process. Ghana Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), Commissioner's office: 030 266 8320. Another number listed is 030 266 6841 ext 1007. Selling a car with duty already paid is a straight sale and change of ownership at DVLA.



Cars can be rented in Accra at various sites. Most of the better hotels have car rental services available. Almost always, a driver comes with the car and is the only one allowed to drive it. Make sure the driver knows both Accra and your destination. A large dollar deposit may be required. Car Rental Companies